As a speech therapist since 2000, Heidi Armendariz has experiences treating both children and adults, but has worked exclusively in pediatrics since 2006. She earned her speech therapy degree from Southwest Texas State University and has extensive experience working with children and families in a wide variety of settings, including outpatient, school-based, center-based, and home environments. Heidi’s primary focus is in the area of feeding disorders, including children with G-tubes or history of aspiration. She also has a passion for children with Down Syndrome and has developed, along with her co-workers, the speech program for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas. The program focuses on training parents on ways to improve speech clarity.

In addition to her undergraduate studies, Heidi has postgraduate advanced training / certification in:

  • Toddler and early childhood development
  • Oral sensory/motor feeding difficulties
  • Sensory processing dysfunction in children
  • SOS Feeding Approach
  • Apraxia/Dyspraxia

Heidi is ready to help your child with their speech therapy needs.